The FUSIPIM brand began 30 years ago when Mr. Eng Seng Poo was a fisherman. Mr Eng Seng Poo who lived in Sungai Burung Fishing Village in Selangor Malaysia, was a fisherman with unstable lifestyle. In search for better opportunities, he decided to sold his boat to start the fish ball business.

During that time, he knew that to start a business is not easy not mentioning remember his fish ball. In order for his customer to remember who he is and what is he selling, he decided to give a name to his products.

The brand FUSIPIM is a translation the Chinese words. FU is the last first name of Mr. Eng Seng Poo, it means rich in Chinese character. SIPIM is the pronunciation of “food” in Chinese. So, the meaning of FUSIPIM is “Rich Food”.

“Bite to Believe, Great Taste for Everyone!” is the slogan and value FUSIPIM. This slogan derived from Mr. Eng Seng Poo’s insistence on food quality and food safety. He believes that each fish ball made by FUSIPIM is worth to taste and meant for everyone.

Today,FUSIPIM brand is not only a brand in Malaysia but International.

In many Chinese cultures, Bao is a popular food and widely available. In the old times, Bao was sold by many street stall with home-made recipe. As times go by, many street stall disappear which means the home-made bao recipe disappear too. Many of us still remember the taste of the “old-time” bao and it only stays in our memories.

FUSIPIM has a wide range of Bao that brings back the “Old-time” taste. FUSIPIM has successfully introduce Bao to difference culture.

The “RichMama” brand is a high-end steamboat brand product. This concept of the brand represents Mdm Chia Kah Chuan, whom is the founder’s wife. To Mdm Chia’s children, she is a super woman, while taking care of her children, she is also the right hand of her husband in their fish ball business. It is unforgettable to Mdm Chia’s children how tired their mother was but still insisted of being the best mother and best wife.

“RichMama” means Every mother is a rich mother, rich in knowledge and capable of doing everything.

“First Choice Steamboat Cuisine, Great Taste for Happy Moments” is the slogan for “RichMama”. This slogan derived from Mdm Chia whom will prepare steamboat during Chinese New Year. Each bites of the fish ball brings lot of happiness and memories in Mdm Chia’s family. With “RichMama”, we would like to bring the happiness moments to our customers.

The “Paklong” brand is created specifically cater for the Malay market by traditional recipe using modern cooking style.

Cooking is one of the challenges in the modern lifestyles. Most of the people would choice simplify cooking than taste of the food. The concept of “PakLong” is “Tranditional taste in a modern cooking”.

“It’s Traditionally Delicious!” is the slogan for “PakLong”.

The “Fubest” brand is specifically for young women in the workforce.

The brand “Fubest” come from “FU” and “Best”. FU means rich and BEST means good in Chinese character. Good in Chinese character “好“, to separate the word好, it means girl (女) and son (子).

“Fubest” is targeting younger generation market. It comes with smaller serving with bright and striking orange packaging.

“Fresh Fish, Quality Taste” is the slogan for “Fubest”.