The FUSIPIM brand has a long history and can be traced back to 30 years ago. A fisherman, Eng Seng Poo, who was live in Sungai Burung Fishing Village in Selangor, Malaysia, was bored to has unstable lifestyle, decided to sold his boat and starting fish ball business.

During that time, in order for public easily remember his fish ball, he created his own brand. The name is FUSIPIM, because FU of FUSIPIM is taken from the Chinese name of the founder Eng Seng Poo, which means “rich”, and SIPIM is the homonym of “food”. Therefore, the Chinese language of FUSIPIM is also called “rich food”. In this way, a simple and easy to remember brand was born!

The tagline of FUSIPIM, “Bite to Believe, Great Taste for Everyone!” is derived from Eng Seng Poo’s insistence on quality food and food safety. Because he believes that each fish ball made by FUSIPIM is worthy of biting and eating it; and the deliciousness of FUSIPIM fish balls is worthy of everyone’s appreciation!

Over the 30 years, FUSIPIM has continuously developed new products, improved food, and slowly became a famous local brand. In recent years, the FUSIPIM brand has not been confined to Malaysia, and has begun to enter the world stage, blossoming all over the world and moving towards world-class brands!

Pao is one of the mainstream foods in South-East Asia (Nanyang). Many home-style pao can be seen in the streets. As the times progressed, gradually many small families selling pao has been disappeared. The nostalgic time, smell, voice, characters and scenes in memory, no matter how long, still exist in our minds. However, when we want to relive that taste, we can’t find it anymore…

Therefore, in order to reproduce the warm memories, FUSIPIM presents the classic flavor of Nanyang again in front of us, and launched a series of pao, so that we can relive it.

Every mother is a rich mother, rich in knowledge and ability, taking care of her family’s daily life.

The “RichMama” brand is a high-end steamboat brand product. The brand concept is derived from Fusipim Founder’s wife, which is also second generation’s mother, Madam Chia Kah Chuan. It is unforgotten memory where the scene of second generation to see their mother’s-tired face in busying take care of them, while busying helping in fish ball business. Therefore, “RichMama” means to all Mama in the world, and also Madam Chia as well.

The tagline of “RichMama” Brand. “First Choice Steamboat Cuisine, Great Taste for Happy Moments!” is derived from Madam Chia Kah Chuan who will prepare fish ball for steamboat during Chinese New Year. Therefore, we want all people also can share that impression with all the diners, so that they also feel the happiness.

PakLong is a character that is held in high regard and earns great respect from the Malay community. PakLong Brand is created specifically to cater for the Malay community using the traditional recipe to suit the modern cooking style.

Although the cooking of traditional food is delicious, the process of cooking is cumbersome. As the era is moving forward, people lifestyle is in speed, and everyone are inevitably simplifying cooking. However, we often found that the essence of food is lost during the process of simplification. Therefore, the brand concept of PakLong is defined as “Traditional Taste in a Modern Cooking”. After researched by our R&D team, we successfully cooked the delicious traditional cuisine in the simplest way to achieve PakLong’s tagilne “It’s Traditionally Delicious!”

The “Fubest” brand was created specifically for fashionable young lady in the workplace.

The “Fu” means “Rich”. When we take the word “best” in Chinese apart, it becomes a “lady”. Therefore, there is a difference between “RichMama” where “Fubest” is the fish ball of young generation!

Therefore, the “Fubest” brand color is a very young style by using bright and striking orange. Moreover, the use of small packages, is extremely suitable for young lady in the workplace.

Besides, The name “Fubest” itself means that the quality and taste of the product both are very good brand tagline “Fresh Fish, Quality Taste”

Good Fish • Good Ball• Good Taste!