Message from Managing Director

Eventually, Fusipim is 30 years old. In the 30 years of ups and downs, we have gone through a rough road of development, tears, hardships and bitterness. 30 years of hard work has made us to be top fish ball manufacturers, our products are distributed throughout the country and exported to 16 countries successfully.

We all walking together and conquer the hard rock one by one. Together, we have witnessed the company’s transformation of the traditional business to a modern industry. This is the result of our hard work, and we deserve to be proud of.

In 2019, Fusipim will continuously leading food trend; always innovating and improving. We will not produce adulterated food; always keep our products fresh and safe, to create a dynamic and innovative international management company. We will continuously develop more domestic and foreign markets, in order to move forwards the company’s vision which is to become a world class brand in food industry,

At the same time, we will also be performing our corporate social responsibilities and will continue to improve the working environment of employees by sharing the love and care aligned with Fusipim corporate culture, providing employees with a larger and broader development space to exploring their potential and realize their dreams.

As long as we practice the company’s core values ​​and become a responsible, positive, respectful, and courageous team, we will create a better tomorrow.