Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We regard service to society as Our responsibility. Whenever there is a need and opportunity, we always help.

Blood donation drive

In order for colleagues to express their care for the society and to cope with potential increased need in the blood bank during the pre-Raya travel season, Ben Eng initiated a company-wide blood donation drive in 2017.

Pin Hwa Run

Pin Hwa Primary and Secondary Schools (Klang) held a fund-raising run for extra-curricular activities. Fusipim was one of the main sponsors.

Layang-Layang School Bag Slimming Project

In the same year, in support of a project ‘to slim down school bag’ organized by the Parent-Teacher Association of Selayang Primary School, Ben Eng contributed generously to the school. The project involved installing personal lockers for students.

Kem Tutti Fratelli

Fusipim was the food sponsor for a motivation camp (No. 22) organised by the Red Cresent Society of Klang named Kem Tutti Fratelli. The camp motivates youngster to be actively adaptive and cohesive – to bring forth their team spirit in their future work environment.

Hunger Eradication

In order to help local orphans and poor family, Pertubuhan Prihatin Malaysia organised a charity activity ‘Program Jom Karnival Sabak Bernam’ in the district on 30.12,2017. In conjunction with the program, Ben Eng generously donated Fusipim products to the needy.

Discover Sungai Besar

In order to further promote local tourism, culture and development, ‘Discover Sungai Besar’ Society made a movie about the district and its rich culture. Being part of Sungai Besar, Fusipim sponsored the movie.

Sabak Bernam Tourism Promotion Movie

In its effort to present Sabak Bernam district as a cultural and local-produce shopping destination, the local district decided to describe it in another movie. Fusipim sponsored the movie.

Sungai Besar Flood

The flood consequential to heavy rain early 2017 had resulted in much loss in properties and valuables, including those of Fusipim’s staff. As such, the company launched ‘Fusipim Helps – Flood Aid 2017’ and donated to the affected.

Congenital Heart Disease – Staff’s daughter, Nur Syifaa Aqeela

Truck driver Hasmua’Azam’s new-born’s condition was such that she needs regular visits to the National Heart Institute and the need could be life-long. Ben Eng was very much moved, so he decided to donate to the family.

Staff’s Sickness – Cancer

One of Fusipim’s staff, Siti Fairus bte Abdullah Sani, unfortunately had cancer of parotid gland. The company initiated a donation drive to enable her to go for operation and return to work later.