Company Milestone

Company History

In the year 1983, Eng Seng Poo, a fisherman who used to live in Sungai Burung, Selangor, made a pivotal decision of his life.

After many sleepless nights, in a state of confusion, anxiety and perplexity, he decided to sell his only means of livelihood – the fishing boat, and go into fish ball business.

As the saying goes, “behind every successful man, there is a quietly supportive woman”. How apt it is when used on Eng Seng Poo! Madam Chia Kah Chuan was the staunchly supportive woman who gave her all for the startup. The small business began with the husband and wife team making and supplying popular fish balls to friends and nearby grocery stores. It was under that mutually supportive condition that the young business seedling was carefully nurtured. Soon, the delicate and freshly hand-made fish balls had won the hearts of many villagers in Sungai Burung.

With increase in orders, the founder gathered some relatives and young helpers to cope with the increase in demand. Witnessed by greatly satisfied customers, orders continued to pour in and soon their products became substantially visible locally. Eng Seng Poo then decided to dedicate all his attention to the business with the registration of the company, Fusipim, in 1988.

To every success there are associated trials and tribulations. While making fish balls every day, the two founding proprietors suffered unending fish bone wounds on their hands – while old wounds were healing, new ones opened up. Those wounds stood witness to their perseverance and tenacity!

Then there surfaced an issue – although the fish balls were very popular, they kept only for a maximum of five days; and many outstation customers had to be disappointed when the products were sold out. It was very clear in the founder’s mind that there was a limitation in manual operation, and machinery would ensure consistent quality while additional workforce in factory environment would increase quantity.

Consequently, the gutsy founders made a brave decision in 1993 – to transform the traditional fresh fish balls to modern industrialised frozen ones. That meant that all the profit made during the preceding five years had to be reinvested.

Growth of Company

By transferring the production process into a factory set-up and through effective refrigeration, the shelf-life of products could be extended to enable delivery to the whole of Malaysia and beyond, thereby ensuring freshness and satisfaction.

From hand-made fish balls to stringently quality-controlled automated factory production and refrigeration, evidence showed that the founders’ decision was spot-on! It was also reckoned that such upgrading of facilities had laid a firm foundation for future corporate development.

In as much as the first generation Eng Seng Poo is dearly recognised as the founder and pioneer, Ben Eng Kok Chuang is the second generation achiever who takes the company to the next level of excellence. In response to further increase in export demand, Fusipim added another factory recently. Meanwhile, Ben saw the need for product diversification and took over a company,

Senang Hidang Sdn. Bhd., as a subsidiary.