Our Operation

HACCP & HALAL Implementation

FUSIPIM is committed to ensuring that all aspects of our manufacturing processes contribute to improving the quality of our customers’ experiences and supporting them in the achievement of their aspirations and goals.  Our stringent quality control process supports our continuous drive to reach and sustain excellence.

FUSIPIM recognises that the maintenance of quality standards in all activities is the key to our success and reputation. The company is therefore committed to a policy to provide the best quality products which always comply with HACCP and HALAL requirements and fulfil the requirements and expectations of our customers in all ways.

Food Safety

As a proverb says, “sickness comes from the mouth”, we accord a lot of attention to food safety. We reckon that consumers make a decision to buy ‘Fusipim’ products because they trust the company for its quality and safety. As such, apart from bringing them good tastes, the company wants to be responsible for their safety. As such, before every employee goes into the production area, they are required to put on full uniforms, aprons, gloves, boots, caps and face masks. They are also required to go through sanitising pathway before and after going into the area. In addition, the factory uses no equipment/apparatuses that require hand-touch to switch on or off, including water taps, trash bins and air-driers.

Further, the factory adopts a ‘zero metal’ policy. i.e., not even the tiniest of metals are allowed to be in the products. All employees in the production area are not allowed to wear anything metal. Of course the production area is a non-smoking area. In recognition of the company’s effort in ensuring food safety, Fusipim was awarded HACCP certificate.


Fusipim sales volume increased substantially and the business operation also expanded. In response to increased demand from export markets, the company decided to acquire another piece of land to expand the production facility. Building on traditional experience and harnessing new technologies, the production lines were progressively modified to be 80% automated from 50%. We draw on the concept of ‘Kaizen’ and relentlessly endeavors to be in the forefront of industry. In this respect, we invested in and installed ‘Individual Quick-Freeze’ (IQF) facility, thereby reducing the time taken to lower the temperature to -18oC in 24 hours to -35oC in 40 minutes, and consequently locking in freshness and nutrition.

Research & Development

We realize the fact that if we are to compete successfully in this global environment, we have to invest in Research and Development (R & D) that brings benefits associated with the increase in products and process innovation outputs to the company.

We strongly believe that companies can succeed only through its mind power and technological innovation. We have successfully attracted and retained a team of dedicated research personnel that shares our values. They look into development of new products and adaptation of new and existing formulas to meet customer specifications that support existing business and create new business opportunities.

Extensive research is carried out across various market segments before we launch any new product. Our product development programs constantly strive to improve the existing products as per the changing market trends. We also offer customized products depending on specific segments and customer requirements. In doing this, we constantly stay ahead of our competition, raise the bar for quality and variety as well as garner market leadership.

Production Flow Chart