FUSIPIM is not just a name, it is a story. A story of the founder  (Eng Seng Poo) who is passionate about excellent quality Teochew family recipe fish ball that boasts of its exquisite taste and texture that Malaysian loves.

The name FUSIPIM is birthed from the name of the founder “FU” coupled with the word “SIPIM”, which in Chinese means food products. This brand name is unique and carries the heartbeat of the founder which gives special identity to the products under this brand.

Every brand has a story to tell. FUSIPIM® brand is no difference. The story started in a small coastal fishing town in Malaysia called Sungai Besar. A young Teochew couple inherited a family closely guarded recipe to make fish ball with excellent texture and taste that appealed to the locals.

As business prospered, they decided to brand their products to make them instantly recognisable to their target audiences. The FUSIPIM® brand is born. It is crafted from the name of the founder “FU” coupled with the word “SIPIM”, which in Chinese means food products. This brand name is not only unique but also easy to remember.

The company also realized that to survive in a changing world means that it must change, because relying on past reputation does not always ensure success in the future. The son of the founder recognized the opportunity in the halal market and took a plunge into it.

FUSIPIM® products have huge brand awareness by staying true to the traditional values behind the brand. As the company experienced phenomenal growth in the past few years, leading to a sizeable increase in the number of both local and overseas loyal customers; where a brand comes from is becoming just as important as what a brand stands for.

Rich Mama

Market trends are dynamic. No matter how ‘hot’ something is, once it is not, it will be sidelined. As a sensitive marketeer, very often Ben Eng could detect trend movement in the market place. At the time, Fusipim’s market segment was mid-market deep-fried products. Gradually, as people became more health-conscious, and government discouraging consumption of deep-fried food, sales turnover of the company began to soften. Ben was very concerned with the company’s longer-term performance.

Ben goes overseas for market survey. While going round trying out fish balls, he discovered that foreign market demand was more for boiling than frying, especially during winter time when families gathered to have ‘steamboat’. So like his father then, he made a brave decision – to go upmarket for steamboat meals! He believes that whichever market one is in, the upmarket always present better opportunity. Export market is crucial for Fusipim because it enables the company to differentiate itself from the rest. For the foreign consumers, imported goods means higher price, higher-end and higher quality!

As a follow-up on his decision, Ben created a new upmarket brand – ‘RichMama’. The creation of RichMama stemmed from the fact that ‘Fusipim’ was already in the mid-level market, therefore not suitable to be used in both. It was under these considerations that RichMama was conceived. The brand name originated from the teachings in an ancient writing – filial piety. It was also a constant evocation of Ben Eng’s childhood wherein his mother slogged to support her husband’s business and at the same time having to take care of her four children. The memory of his mother’s hard work and tenacity was such that when he first thought of a brand name, the image of his mother busy working appeared as a bright light above, hence ‘RichMama’. The name represents all mothers in the world and in Ben’s heart, his beloved mother, Madam Chia Kah Chuan.

In fact, RichMama’s slogan “Prime choice steamboat cuisine, great taste for happy moments” is reminiscent of the happy time that Ben’s family had during lunar New Year feasts; so when ‘Rich Mama’ was created, it was his wish to share such moments. Further, since RichMama has now been positioned upmarket, it will help to open up overseas market like Australia, US and Canada in general and overseas Chinese in particular. What a heavy responsibility RichMama carries!

Pak Long

Fusipim® has established itself as a reputable brand of ready-to-cook frozen seafood products that delivers a consistent set of brand promise and values over time. Fisipim® focuses on product innovation and technology to build its businesses. To leverage on its brand popularity, it is diversifying the range of products to cover the dry batter mixes because they serve the same customers.

PakLong™ is a character that is held in high regard and earns great respect from the Malay community. PakLong™ Brand is created specifically to cater for the Malay community using the traditional recipe to suit the modern cooking style. It makes frying as easy as 1, 2, 3 – just add water, coat and fry. This will bring everything to life without the hassle of measuring, mixing and re-storing of the ingredients. It saves time with advance preparation.

PakLong™ is a leading creator of seasoned batter mixes in the marketplace today with a range of products line up, such as chicken fritter mix, kentucky flour, tempura batter mix, bread crumbs and with even more delicious new products under development every year. These products can satisfy your batter and breading needs with a variety of products for frying or baking chicken, fish, meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes.

PakLong™ products not only add both flavour and texture to deep-fried dishes but also an incredibly crunchy texture to fried food.To quote one of our delighted customers, “It’s crunchy and flavourful on the outside, while preserving the ingredients moist and authentic tastes on the Inside.”

PakLong™ Brand time-honored reputation for delivering high quality wholesome and healthy products, made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no MSG, has created a loyal customer following.