1 month ago

Fusipim Crystal Fish Ball (Tobiko). Each Fish Ball is as exquisite as crystal. Filled with premium roes (eggs) inside, it’s a premium yet elegant dish to impress.

Fusipim水晶鱼丸(鱼蛋); ... See more

2 months ago

To all our Hindu brothers and sisters who are celebrating Diwali. We’ll like to wish everyone Happy Diwali.
May this auspicious festival give us shine of rays to help us overcome the Corvid19 ... See more

2 months ago

Each piece of delicious & smooth RichMama Cheese Fish Tofu is stuffed with Cheddar Cheese 🧀.

Melt in your mouth, slowly drown you with a wholesome goodness of cheddar ... See more

3 months ago

PakLong Sambal Nasi Lemak Sauce, all you’ve to do is prepare your 🍚 Nasi Lemak rice and favourite ingredients. Simply pour over our ready to use Nasi Lemak Sauce over the ingredients and ... See more

3 months ago

Fusipim premium series selections. Using deep sea threadfin brime as our main ingredients. We use low temperature to process and individual quick frozen technology to preserve their freshness and ... See more

3 months ago

Congratulation to all Fusipim’s Super Fans who helped us viral our posts and share lots of easy to follow and delectable cooking 🧑🍳 tips!

Being Fusipim’s top fans have its rewards. Kindly ... See more

3 months ago

快来看直播,一起和Coco Lim 准备不一样的美味!



记得like ... See more

3 months ago

PakLong’s Siracha Chilli Sauce and Yong Tau Foo Sweet Sauce makes your YongTauFu dish tastes more unique and delicious than ever!
Check out this simple short minute video to learn more how ... See more

3 months ago

Fusipim’s Four Color Roll and our Crab Filament Sticks are heavenly match!

It’s Soooo easy to make your own YongTauFu meal at home and stay safe. Give it a try!

Fusipim 四色卷+螃蟹柳, ... See more

3 months ago

10月11号(星期日)8pm, 富妈妈约定您与Coco Lim一起在 #美味风采 直播学做菜哟!


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